Find Workers In Israel

Job Ninja Israel provides Israelis workers worldwide

Let CV Pool find Israeli workers to fill your open employment positions.
Job Ninja can meet your staffing needs in Israel as well as internationally in the US, Europe, Africa and the Far East. We can fill upper management, middle management, service provider positions to name just a few areas. We have high and low- tech workers, security persons and even nannies ready to be interviewed…

Managers around the world find Israeli employees to be dedicated, hardworking, intelligent and creative.
C.V. Pool identifies potential hires using the most comprehensive CV/resume database in Israel. Our professional recruiters will find the most suitable candidates in Israel smartly, quickly and effectively.
Furthermore, once you accept a suitable candidate, we also offer a relocation service for finding your new employee an apartment, furniture, child-care etc, so that he or she can hit the ground running (available in Europe and the U.S.A.).

CV Pool is licensed in Israel and keeps to the highest ethical standards.

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